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  • Tube Profile Angle Bending Machine W24S-320

    Contact NowTube Profile Angle Bending Machine W24S-3201.The two lower around the center of rotation(upper roller)to do arc movements and figures by the amount of deflection of the required radius of precision bending. with four rollers co-mechanism,bending better to reduce the length of the straight section. 1. This kind of profile bending machine...Read More

  • CNC Frame Bending Machine W24S-180

    Contact NowCNC Frame Bending Machine W24S-1801.The machine bed is used Q345 high-strength sheets welded. 2.Through Finite Element Analysis,stress part is designed by reinforcement. 3. Annealed to eliminate internal stress machine has sufficient strength and rigidity to anti-permanent deformation. 1. This kind of profile bending machine...Read More

  • Profile Bending Machine W24S-75

    Contact NowProfile Bending Machine W24S-751.The three working rolls are automatic rollers,directly driven by three independent inverter motors and three precision planetary reducer,high efficiency,transmission smoothly. 2.No motor oil leakage or hydraulic plug jam phenomenon. 3.Displacement accuracy reaches ±0.1mm. 4.Color touch screen...Read More

  • NC Steel Tube Aluminum Profile Bending Machinee W24S-260

    Contact NowNC Steel Tube Aluminum Profile Bending Machinee W24S-2601.Reduced straight line. 2.Increase the effective friction,to prevent the skidding phenomenon when bending small radius and spiral coil. 3.According to the actual bending requirements,respectively,adjust the three automatic rollers' speed 4.Can avoid uneven force and forced rough...Read More

  • CNC Aluminum Bending Machine Price W24S-30

    Contact NowCNC Aluminum Bending Machine Price W24S-30Compact in structure,strong holding pipe capacity with prevents deviation while working Strong transmission strength,high transmission efficiency,small rotary gap,high accuracy,longer working life 1. This kind of profile bending machine adopts reinforcing design. The internal stress can be...Read More

  • Professional Profile Bending Machine with Good Quality W24S-500

    Contact NowProfessional Profile Bending Machine with Good Quality W24S-5001.With a small loss of rotation and thermal deformation to maintain good accuracy and long life. 2.Machine sliding surface are all inlaid QAL9-4,aluminum bronze stone combined wear parts,and lubrication regularly. 1. This kind of profile bending machine adopts reinforced design. The internal...Read More

  • High Quality Frame Bender with CE Certification W24S-100

    Contact NowHigh Quality Frame Bender with CE Certification W24S-1001.Bending stable and efficient,especially when the small radius and spiral bending three-roll at the same time to the force,no slip phenomenon. 2.Three roller frequency conversion can change speed freely. 3.100 group memory database. 4.Foots witch+PLC+color touch screen+displacement raster or...Read More

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