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The Working Principle Of CNC Bending Machine
Mar 04, 2017

CNC bending machine working principle; folding bed work range: for iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet; 1. The working principle of folding bed; the upper and lower mold were fixed on the bed, Taiwan, the use of hydraulic; 2. Folding bed structure; folding bed by the four major parts: 1. Machinery Department 4.NC electrical control department; 3 fold the bed of the broken twist evil N:; (1) (2) under the type of movement: the upper machine fixed, from the lower table up real; 4. Bending the basic principles of the order of processing

The working principle of CNC bending machine

Folding bed work range: for iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet metal bending forming, and as a press to complete the easy mold forming and riveting, leveling, broken forming, etc. LASER, NCT cutting cutting, and in the clamp processing to produce other non-bending forming elements, and then in the folding bed using folding bed die or folding bed easy to mold bending, in addition, pull convex package ﹑ Pressure and pressure lines and other contours are usually also on the folding bed. The use of folding bed mold and folding bed easy mold, folding bed can be completed many types of product bending, but its processing speed slower than the punch, apply to the sample The production of bending and part of the non-bending forming and production of some of the bending process

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