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The Pipe Presses Meet Different Tool Feeds
Oct 26, 2017

Characteristics of Bending Machine Structure

1, bending machine using touch screen plus NC module, dialogue operation, program set easy and easy;

2, Pipe Bending Machine the bed structure is solid, not easy to deformation;

3, each file can be set 16 bend angle, Pipe Bending Machine the memory can store 16 files;

4, all the slow positioning function, elbow angle stability, Pipe Bending Machine repeat the accuracy of ± 0.1 °;

5, the error message displayed on the screen to help the operator immediately excluded;

6, Pipe Bending Machine to provide their own R & D coordinates conversion processing value, the software optional purchase on the desktop computer editing calculation.

Bending machine technology aspects of the characteristics

The bending of the pipe is the same as that of the sheet. In the case of pure bending, the pipe with outer diameter D and wall thickness t is bent by the tensile stress σ1 of the outer layer of the inner layer when the pipe is bent by the external force M, Pipe Bending Machine and the inner wall of the neutral layer Wall tension stress σ1 role, wall thickening. And the shape of the cross-section due to the role of force F1 and F2 from the circular shape into an approximate oval, when the deformation is too large, the outer wall will crack, Pipe Bending Machine the inner wall will appear wrinkling.

The degree of deformation of the pipe depends on the relative bending radius R / D and the relative thickness t / D value, the smaller the R / D and t / D values, the greater the degree of deformation. In order to ensure the quality of the pipe forming, it is necessary to control the degree of deformation. Pipe Bending Machine Within the permissible range, the bending limit of the pipe depends not only on the mechanical properties and bending methods of the material, but also the requirements for the use of the pipe. The forming limit of the pipe should include the following:

1) The maximum elongation deformation in the outer tensile zone of the neutral layer does not exceed the allowable value of the material.

2) the inner layer of the inner layer of compression deformation, Pipe Bending Machine the tangential compressive stress of the thin-walled structure of the part does not exceed the instability and wrinkle;

3) if the pipe has the requirements of the oval, Pipe Bending Machine the control of its cross-section distortion;

4) If the pipe has the strength required to withstand the pressure, the control of its wall thickness thinning of the forming limit.

Bending machine electrical control should meet the basic functions are:

(1) Pipe Bending Machine spindle to achieve stepless speed regulation to meet the different cutting speed;

(2) Feed control to meet different tool feeds;

(3) spindle movement and feed movement to achieve linkage, Pipe Bending Machine and according to the spindle speed changes automatically track to ensure a uniform feed;

(4) Feed movement can be set according to the law of movement.

In order to meet the above functions, the author uses the servo control technology, that is, the spindle and feed mechanism of the power and speed provided by the servo control system to control the servo motor to complete.

Bending Machine Features:

(1) mechanical and electrical integration design makes the mechanical structure is relatively simple. To avoid the complex mechanical transmission mechanism, Pipe Bending Machine using a relatively simple gear, planetary gear and screw drive, both for manufacturing, and easy to install and maintain

(2) electrical control using servo control technology to achieve the spindle stepless speed regulation and feed the precise control;

(3) pipe cutting and groove once completed, no groove requirements, as long as the removal of the groove knife can be, the operation is very convenient;

(4) in the pipe at both ends of the installation of automatic clamping device, Pipe Bending Machine and with automatic loading and unloading agencies, you can form a tube fixed length cutting production line.

Bending machine in the purchase of how to distinguish between good and bad is the choice of bending machine an important condition. Bending machine is mainly used in the furniture industry, steel mills, Pipe Bending Machine air conditioning plants, shipyards, fluid companies, iron, bathroom and so on.

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