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The Pipe Bending Machine Improves The Working Efficiency
Jun 06, 2017

With the individual requirements of the product gradually increased, the form of bending machine is also increasingly diversified, the performance is also greatly improved.

Bending machine is a kind of cutting equipment which is widely used in machining. It can cut all kinds of steel plate material. Bending machine is mainly produced by people need to bend an object and spend a long time, and the degree of beauty is not produced by the machine, which developed a pipe bending machine products, Pipe Bending Machine so that objects bend better look. Bending machines are the most common machine in our life. It is mainly to bend an object and reduce manpower costs in traditional models, greatly improving work efficiency.

The bending machine is composed of the driving device, the guide wheel device, the pre-pressing device, the rocker swing device, the chuck device, the base, the intermediate frequency power supply, Pipe Bending Machine the hydraulic system and so on. The rocker swinging device is the core part of the bending machine, and its function is to bend the heated pipe into a radius that meets the requirements, and has the function of bending, turning and changing. Rocker swing device is mainly composed of large slide, rocker drive, rocker, middle slide, slewing ring, small slide and other components. Wherein the rocker drive device is mounted on the side of the large slide table, Pipe Bending Machine the rocker arm is fixed on the big slide table by the slewing bearing, the middle slide is fixed on the rocker arm and the position of the large and middle slide is changed, thus adjusting the rotation center and the chuck The distance between the center lines, that is, adjust the bending radius of the pipe.

On the bending machine arm swing device features to share:

First, the return to the use of hydraulic drive, compact structure, Pipe Bending Machine driving force, high reliability, adjustable rotation speed.

Second, the use of ball bearing rotary support as a rotary positioning element, the rotation of high precision, compact structure, smooth work, long service life.

Third, the tooth-mounted electromagnetic clutch work reliability is high, when the noise is small, the structure of small size. The use of the magnetic clutch to achieve the rocker drive device drive chain closure and disconnect, so that the overall structure of the rocker drive device is small, Pipe Bending Machine reliable performance, smooth operation.

Four, base, rocker, slide rails, rocker drive shell and other parts are used welding structure, the device manufacturing costs are low, the production cycle is short.

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