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The Pipe Bender Has The Advantages Of Simple Operation And So On
Sep 29, 2017

Pipe Bender from the electric pump output high-pressure oil, through high-pressure tubing into the working oil cylinder, high-pressure oil to promote the work of cylinder plunger, resulting in thrust, through the bending tube parts bending pipe.

Pipe Bender is a curved pipe tool with elbow function and top function. With reasonable structure, safe use, easy to operate, reasonable price, fast loading and unloading, Pipe Bending Machine a lot of advantages such as a machine, in the domestic hydraulic pipe Bender Market occupies a large share.

Bending machine can be divided into CNC pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bender and so on. Mainly used in power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and building, with many functions, reasonable structure, Pipe Bending Machine simple operation and so on.

The structure of the pipe bender

It consists of an electric oil pump, a high-pressure tubing, a quick joint, a working cylinder, a plunger, a bend pipe part (including a flower board, a lower flower plate, a die head, a roll roller).

The characteristics of the pipe bender

1, bending machine as long as the pedal switch, Pipe Bending Machine you can fully automatic pressure material, automatic sawing, both safe and easy

2, the pipe bending machine's way is the gas push oil type, the frequency of cutting is quite stable

3, sawing at the same time automatic atomization spray, to achieve cooling and lubrication saw blade effect, so that the saw blade does not stick a bit of aluminum, saw blade quite sharp

4, two blades have their own independent motor drive, has a fairly high speed, cut off the strength is very strong.

5, using the upper pressure material and side pressure material two groups of press device, Pipe Bending Machine the material pressure is fixed, the pressure material pressure can be adjusted to prevent the material compression deformation

6, especially with the material in and out of the rack each 2.4 meters at the end of the machine, out of the material set up a positioning block version, so as to facilitate the sizing to be cut.

7, two saw blades at the same time sawing, can be cut out of two usable 45 degrees of angle, Pipe Bending Machine efficient and accurate angle stitching seamless

8, suitable for photo frame, Lightbox, doors and windows, air-conditioning outlet, furniture, such as the edge of precision 45-degree angle cutting material.

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