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The Operation Of The Pipe Bending Machine
Mar 04, 2017

Design and laying to avoid excessive arc, arbitrary curve, composite bend and greater than 180. Of the arc. Too large arc not only make tooling cumbersome, but also by the bending machine machine tool size restrictions; arbitrary curve, composite bending design modeling is very unreasonable, greatly hampered the mechanization, automated production, so that the operator is difficult to get rid of heavy physical labor; Greater than 180. Of the arc so that the pipe can not unload mold.

Standard for bending radius

Bending radius to try to achieve "a tube of a mold" and "multi-tube a model." For a pipe, no matter how many bending and bending angles, there is only one bend radius, because the pipe bending machine in the bending process does not replace the module, which is "a tube of a mold." And "multi-tube mold", that is, the same diameter specifications of the tube should try to use the same bending radius, that is, the same set of modules bent different shapes of the tube, so as to help reduce the number of modules.

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