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The Bending Machine Is More Efficient
Jun 20, 2017

Bending machine is a kind of engineering with steel bending equipment, the machine has a bending process simplification, high efficiency, easy to use, bending neatly, bending angle and size of any adjustment, Section Bending Machine the material can be 4-20 Hao meters round steel into a building Engineering requires a variety of geometries.

Section Bending Machine Technical Parameters

Curved round bar diameter 4mm-20 (16) mm

Bending speed 25-30 r / min

Motor power 2.2 / 3KW

Motor speed 1400 r / min

Bending machine is composed of motor, gearbox, electrical appliances, Section Bending Machine rack and other major components.

First by the motor clockwise rotation by the V-belt, through the gearbox deceleration deceleration, and then by the main output shaft on the gearbox to drive the bending arm rotation work, when the bending arm hit a limited angle control panel, the angle control panel controller , Automatic return, when the bending arm back to touch the micro switch, the micro switch circuit breaker to stop, work is completed.

Section Bending Machine Features

1, easy to use, good security, angle standards, speed, easy handling.

2, simple operation, Section Bending Machine work only one person can, without training, boot will operate, safe performance, the machine is fully automatic bending machine, manual or foot button, to limit the location, will automatically return.

3, the angle of the standard, the machine to adjust the angle range of 0-360 degrees, with 90 degrees and 135 degrees two foot switch, angle conversion freely.

4, fast, the speed of the machine between 25-30 per minute, Section Bending Machine the per hour bending hoop in the 500-600 or so, bending 6-8mm steel than artificial fast about 2-3 times, bending 10-14mm reinforced than artificial Fast 4-5 times.

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