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Technical Characteristics Of CNC Bending Machine
Jun 20, 2017

CNC pipe bending machine is mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship and other aspects of pipeline laying and construction, CNC pipe bending machine is simple, easy to move, fast installation, in the domestic pipe market dominate the product position , The use of a wide range of CNC bending machine, then what are the technical characteristics?

1. Tubing regularization

Design and laying to avoid excessive arc, arbitrary curve, composite bend and greater than 180. Of the arc. Too large arc not only make the tooling cumbersome, but also by the bending machine machine tool size restrictions; arbitrary curve, composite curved design modeling is very unreasonable, CNC Pipe Bending Machine greatly hampered the mechanization, automated production, so that the operator is difficult to get rid of heavy physical labor; Greater than 180. Of the arc so that the bending machine can not unload the mold.

2. Standardization of bending radius

Bending radius to try to achieve "a tube of a mold" and "multi-tube a model." For a pipe, no matter how many bending and bending angles, there is only one bend radius, because the pipe bending machine in the bending process does not replace the module, which is "a tube of a mold." And "multi-tube mold", that is, CNC Pipe Bending Machine the same diameter specifications of the tube should try to use the same bending radius, that is, the same set of modules bent different shapes of the tube, so as to help reduce the number of modules.

All electric CNC bending machine

3. The appropriate bending radius value

The size of the bend radius of the catheter determines the size of the duct that is resistant to bending. In general, the diameter of the large bending radius is small, CNC Pipe Bending Machine bending prone to wrinkles and slippage phenomenon, bending quality is difficult to guarantee, so the general choice of bending die R value of the pipe diameter of 23 times as well.

4. Moderate bending speed

The main effect of the bending forming speed on the forming quality is: the speed is too fast, which is easy to cause the flatness of the bend of the catheter, the roundness can not meet the requirements, resulting in the pulling and pulling of the pipe; the speed is too slow, CNC Pipe Bending Machine The pressing block slips, and the large diameter pipe is liable to form a sag of the bent portion of the duct. Aiming at the large number of tests on these two CNC bending machines, the bending speed of the pipe is determined to be between 20% and 40% of the maximum bending speed of the machine.

5. Suitable core rods and their locations

The mandrel plays a major role in preventing the deformation of the inner wall of the guide bend radius during bending. At present, domestic pipe bending on the machine tool without the use of mandrel, its quality is difficult to guarantee. There are many kinds of mandrel in the form, CNC Pipe Bending Machine such as column mandrel, universal single, double, three, four ball head mandrel, oriented single, multi-ball mandrel and so on. In addition, the location of the mandrel on the catheter bending also has a certain impact: theoretically, its tangent should be flat with the tang mold tangent, but after a lot of tests proved that 1 ~ 2mm in advance, then the quality of the elbow Ideal. Of course, the advance amount is too large, will cause the curved part of the outer wall of the so-called "goose" phenomenon.

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