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Simple And Easy To Set Up The Pipe Bender
Oct 17, 2017

Main features of Pipe Bender

Structural aspects

1, the pipe Bender uses the touch screen to add the numerical control module, the dialogue type operation, the program setting is easy;

2, the bed structure is stable, not easy to deform;

3, each file can be set 16 bending angle, Pipe Bending Machine memory can be stored 16 sets of files;

4, the slow-speed positioning function, the bending angle is stable, the repetition accuracy reaches ±0.1°;

5, the error message is displayed on the screen, help the operator to eliminate immediately;

6, to provide their own research and development of the coordinates of the conversion of pipe processing value, Pipe Bending Machine software can be purchased on the desktop computer editing calculation.

Process The pipe bender bends the tube and the sheet bends. In the case of pure bending, when the outer diameter is d and the wall thickness is T, the outer wall of the neutral layer is pulled when the pipe is bent by the action of the external moment M.

The stress σ1 action, the tube wall becomes thinner, the inner wall of the neutral layer is σ1 by tensile stress, Pipe Bending Machine and the tube wall thickens. And the shape of cross section is changed from circle to approximate ellipse because of the F1 and F2 of resultant force.

When the deformation is too large, the outer wall of the pipe will produce cracks, and the inner wall will wrinkle.

The degree of deformation of the tube depends on the/of the relative bending radius and the t/d of the relative thickness, the smaller the/and the T/D value, the greater the degree of deformation. Pipe Bending Machine In order to ensure the quality of tube forming, it is necessary to control The deformation degree is within the permissible range, and the limit of the tube bending forming depends not only on the mechanical properties and bending methods of the material, but also on the use of the pipe. The forming limit of the fitting should include the following

Several content:

1 The maximum elongation deformation in the lateral tensile deformation zone of the neutral layer does not exceed the plastic allowable value of the material, Pipe Bending Machine and the rupture occurs;

2 in the inner compression deformation zone of the neutral layer, the thin-walled structure which is subjected to tangential compressive stress does not exceed the instability and wrinkles;

3 If the fitting has the Ellipse degree request, Pipe Bending Machine controls its section to produce the distortion;

4 The forming limit of the wall thickness thinning is controlled if the fitting has the strength requirement of internal pressure.

Maintenance and maintenance of pipe Bender

1, in the cleaning of the bend pipe machine tank, to clean the pump into the oil filter.

2, the pipe Bender began to use within 1-2 months, Pipe Bending Machine cleaning the tank and filter a hydraulic box.

3, if the discovery of forward and retreat failure, first check whether the solenoid valve action, such as solenoid valve normal action, and then check the order valve $number, overflow valve yf-l20h4 or one-way unloading valve 4hd3 there are impurities Card dead. (This phenomenon usually happens easily when the device is started). Pipe Bending Machine If there is a card dead phenomenon, disassemble with gasoline or diesel oil after cleaning, reinstall can be.

4, hydraulic pump station joints are equipped with oil-resistant rubber seals, such as sealing ring damage, oil leakage, and the time to change.

5, check the various parts of the fastener, Pipe Bending Machine so that in the tense state.

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