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Reasonable Structure Of Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Jul 27, 2017

Hydraulic Pipe Bender Working principle: The high-pressure oil output from the electric oil pump, through the high-pressure tubing into the working oil cylinder, high-pressure oil to promote the work of cylinder plunger, resulting in thrust, through the bending tube parts bending pipe.

Hydraulic Pipe Bender has the following main characteristics:

(1) The force required by the bending pipe is provided by the hydraulic device, which can produce great power, especially for pipe fittings with large diameter and wall thickness. In addition, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine the bend pipe hydraulic Press is convenient to adjust, when the force of the bending workpiece needs to change, only the pressure relief valve can be adjusted.

(2) The entire hydraulic circuit components all choose the superposition valve, integrates in the oil circuit block, realizes the hydraulic element the no tube connection, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine makes the connection way greatly simplifies, the system compact, the power consumption reduces, the design installment cycle is short.

(3) The motor and the hydraulic plunger pump Use the vertical connection, the pump is under the oil surface, greatly improved the plunger pump oil absorption condition, simultaneously reduced the hydraulic system work noise, is advantageous to maintains the good working environment.

The characteristics of hydraulic pipe bender

1, Hydraulic Pipe Bender using button-type or touch-screen add CNC module, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine dialogue-type operation, easy to set the program

2, the bed structure is stable, not easy to deform.

3, each file can be set 16 bending angle, memory module can be stored 16 sets of files.

4, with slow positioning function, bending angle stability, repeated accuracy of ±0.1°

5. The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator to exclude immediately.

6, to provide their own research and development of the conversion of the coordinates of the tube processing value, software can be purchased and installed on the computer editing calculation. Hydraulic pipe Bender can be divided into CNC hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic hydraulic pipe bender and so on. Mainly used in auto parts, Construction machinery auxiliary parts, air-conditioning pipe, power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, shipbuilding, furniture, sports equipment, baby stroller, petrochemical, medical equipment, sanitary ware, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine decoration and other aspects of the metal tube deep-processing, with many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and so on.

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