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Industry Characteristics Of Development Of CNC Bending Machine
Mar 04, 2017

Turning to the development of CNC bending machine industry characteristics, we will analyze the scope of application of CNC bending machine, whether it is curved bending pipe or space three-dimensional bending of the key pieces of CNC bending machine can easily and easily bend the processing, these key Are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other fields, CNC pipe bending machine processing and pipe fittings as a gas, liquid transport path. CNC pipe bending machine processing of the catheter in a variety of equipment like the blood vessels of the human body.

Therefore, the catheter is also a modern large aircraft, military aircraft, special aircraft, the most important parts of the aircraft, it will be a variety of media to the engine, landing gear and other parts to meet the aircraft fuel, hydraulic, environmental control systems such as various functional requirements.

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