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Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine Operation Is Very Simple
Jun 20, 2017

The structure of the hydraulic pipe bending machine mainly includes the bracket, the table and the clamping plate, although not much, but also very important, after the power plate to produce gravitational force, in order to achieve the pressure plate and the base between the plate clamping. As a result of the use of electromagnetic force clamping, making the press can be made of a variety of workpiece requirements, but also for the sidewall of the workpiece processing, operation is also very simple, the operation, the sheet bending to compaction, to prevent the board It is forbidden to bend the sheet at one end. If it is found that the workpiece or the mold position is offset, it should be stopped and can not be stopped by hand.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine with all the steel welded structure, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine with sufficient strength and rigidity, the use of mechanical block structure, stable and reliable, wedge-shaped deflection compensation agencies to ensure a higher bending accuracy, hydraulic drive, machine two The end of the cylinder placed on the slider, direct drive sliding work, slider travel maneuver fast tune, manual fine-tuning, counter display, slider synchronization mechanism using torsion axis forcing synchronization, so that the choice of high quality hydraulic pipe bending machine!

Improve the accuracy of the hydraulic bending machine manufacturing, improve the transmission system of the machine, reduce the impact and friction between the parts, correctly calibrate the center to adjust the balance, and improve the hydraulic pipe bending machine of the casing in the industrial production. , So its choice is particularly important, not only about the product is good or bad, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine but also on the corporate image to bring a certain impact, the operation of the hydraulic pipe bending machine is very concerned about here to remind everyone that the bending can not be super Bending, so as not to damage the hydraulic pipe bending machine, the upper and lower mold coincidence and consolidation to stop the inspection, positioning installation can work properly, the operator to wear protective equipment, and in accordance with the rules and other rules to operate hydraulic pipe bending machine The

The main power of the hydraulic pipe press is powered by the hydraulic system, so we have to introduce the hydraulic system.

An oil circuit board, also known as the oil circuit board, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine four groups or five groups of solenoid valves, each solenoid valve is to control an action unit.

Generally include clamping, pulling core, auxiliary push, bending the four groups because each part of the action is independent, so the need for a separate solenoid valve control.

A set of pressure relief valve: the pressure valve used in the clamping, because the pipe bending, will be subject to expansion If there is no pressure valve to maintain the stability of the oil, there will be clamping can not be caught, when the elbow Wrinkled deformation and so on.

A group of relief valve: the main function of the relief valve is to dominate the hydraulic solenoid valve hydraulic power, like a total valve. Hydraulic pipe bending machine in daily use, we have a common regional power disappeared, sometimes in the computer board by the clamping key will not power, or in the elbow, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine pulling the core, auxiliary push there is no pressure, as if the button Failure.

In fact, this is because a certain area of the solenoid valve was stuck, because the hydraulic oil on the machine box, the machine in the workplace will inevitably have dust, iron and other debris fall into them. After a long run through the filter into the pump, and then through the pump into the solenoid valve into the transmission, so that there will be card valve phenomenon, if a single work area such as clamping, etc. that a card valve, the solution: demolition Off the corresponding solenoid valve to completely open the valve, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine the use of clean gasoline or kerosene and other cleaning valves. If the entire area of the button no response, the common problem is the relief valve out, and the same way with the solenoid valve dismantling, the relief valve clean.

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