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Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine Is Safe And Reliable
Aug 08, 2017

Hydraulic pipe bending machine with a reasonable structure, the use of safe, easy to operate, reasonable price, loading and unloading fast, easy to carry, a multi-purpose machine, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine hydraulic bending machine A new type of bending Can and play the function of the elbow tool. Hydraulic pipe bending machine is mainly used for factories, warehouses, docks, construction, railways, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine automobiles and other installation pipes and repair. The following details on the characteristics of the hydraulic pipe bending machine And strengths.

1. The slider synchronization mechanism refers to the twist axis forcing synchronization.

2. Hydraulic pipe crusher on the drive, saw the two ends of the cylinder fixed on the slider, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine straight drive sliding work.

3. slider travel maneuver fast tune, manual fine-tuning, counter display.

4. The wedge-shaped deflection offset mechanism to ensure a higher bending accuracy.

5. Quote all steel welded structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity.

6. Reference machine block structure, safe and reliable.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine works:

The high-pressure oil pumped by the electric oil pump is sent into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine The high-pressure oil drives the plunger in the working cylinder to produce the thrust, bending the pipe through the bending pipe.


1, bending machine using touch screen plus CNC module, dialogue operation, program set easy and easy;

2, the bed structure is solid, not easy to deformation;

3, each file can be set 16 bend angle, the memory can store 16 files;

4, all the slow positioning function, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine elbow angle stability, repeat the accuracy of ± 0.1 °;

5, the error message displayed on the screen to help the operator immediately excluded;

6, to provide their own R & D coordinates conversion pipe processing value, the software optional purchase on the desktop computer editing calculation.

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