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Good Vibration Resistance Of Pipe Bender
Aug 18, 2017

Introduction to the applicable skills of pipe Bender:

1. High processing precision, quality and stability of the pipe bender centralized use of improved processing accuracy and ensure the quality of the stability of a variety of technical measures:

First, the pipe Bender is controlled by the NC program Automatic Control processing, in the work process, generally does not need the manual intervention, this eliminates the operator artificially produces the mistake or the error;

Second, the mechanical structure of the pipe Bender is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the precision machine tool, Pipe Bending Machine and the high precision transmission parts such as ball screw and rolling guide are adopted, and the stiffness, thermal stability and anti-vibration performance are good;

Third, the servo transmission system pulse equivalent or minimum setting unit can reach 10 corpse M 10. 5Pm, at the same time, most of the work with the detection feedback closed loop or half closed loop control, with error correction or compensation function, Pipe Bending Machine can further improve the accuracy and stability;

Four, CNC Machining Center has a tool base and automatic tool-changing device, can be installed in one clip, the completion of the workpiece of the multi-face and multiple process processing, Pipe Bending Machine minimizing the impact of clamping error.

2. Flexible automation with wide adaptability

As a result of the use of CNC program control, the processing of more general-purpose tooling, as long as the change in CNC program, you can achieve the automatic processing of new parts, Pipe Bending Machine so can adapt to the current market in strict competition for product upgrading requirements, to solve the problem of multiple varieties and small and medium production automation.

3. Can realize complex parts processing

Due to the use of computer interpolation and multi-axis linkage control technology, it can realize arbitrary trajectory movement and processing any complex shape of the space surface, Pipe Bending Machine can be easily completed such as propellers, steam turbine blades, automobile shape stamping dies and other complex surface parts of the processing.

4. High production efficiency

The bending function minimizes the maneuvering time and auxiliary time required for machining the parts, and improves the production efficiency remarkably.

First, the feed movement of the pipe bender and most of the main movement are stepless speed regulation, and the speed range is large, so each process can choose the best cutting speed and feed speed;

Second, good structural stiffness and vibration resistance allow the machine to use large cutting volume and strong cutting;

Third, Pipe Bending Machine generally do not need downtime to detect the workpiece, thus effectively reducing the machine tool processing downtime;

Four, the machine tool moving parts are used in the positioning of automatic acceleration and deceleration measures, so you can choose a very high speed of empty travel, greatly saving the auxiliary sports time;

Five, the processing center can use automatic change knife and automatic exchange table and other measures, workpiece clamping, can be carried out in many facets and many processes, Pipe Bending Machine greatly reducing the workpiece clamping, knife and other auxiliary time;

Six, the processing process concentration, can reduce the turnover of parts, reduce the number of units and plant area, to production scheduling management to bring great convenience.

5. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

Because the operator of the pipe Bender mainly uses the operation panel to operate the machine tool automatically, it greatly reduces the operator's labor intensity, improves the production condition, and can manage more than one machine tool easily.

6. In favor of modern production and management

The use of bending machine for processing, can easily and accurately calculate the part of the working hours or automatic processing statistics, can accurately calculate the production and processing costs, conducive to the scientific management of the production process. Bender is the basis of advanced manufacturing systems such as Computer aided design and manufacturing, group control or distributed control, flexible manufacturing system and computer integrated manufacturing system.

Characteristics of pipe Bender structure

The pipe Bender adopts the touch screen to add the numerical Control module, Pipe Bending Machine the dialog operation, the program is easy to set up;

The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate it immediately;

The bed structure is stable and difficult to deform;

Each file can be set 16 bend angle, memory can be stored 16 sets of files;

To provide self-developed coordinates for the conversion of the bending pipe processing value, software can be purchased and installed on the desktop computer editing calculation

The slow-speed positioning function, the bending angle is stable, Pipe Bending Machine the repeatability accuracy reaches ±0.1°;

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