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Cut The Machine To Use What Should Be Noted
Mar 04, 2017

1, pipe cutting machine spindle speed must be carried out after parking. The gears are fully engaged when shifting. Found that the machine is not normal, you should immediately stop checking.

2, before cutting to adjust the cutting machine tool, clamping the work. The length of the clamping part shall not be less than 50 mm. Parking baffle to be fixed, after clamping, loosen, forward, backward and then the order of the test, the pipe cutting machine before work.

3, the machine in the rotation, the body of any part of the transmission parts must not touch. Operation of pipe cutting machine, to tie a good cuff, is strictly prohibited to wear gloves work. The head of the body should deviate from the cutting direction.

4, the exchange of tools, measuring the workpiece, lubrication, cleaning the head, you must stop.

5, pipe cutting machine cutting head, to prevent the head flying out of injury.

6, long tube into the material rack and release the bundled lead wire, should be taken to prevent the pipe rolling, impact, the pressure of human measures.

7, the use of grinding wheel cutting machine, grinding wheel should be checked in advance without defective crack, damp, power cord is reliable.

8, pipe cutting machine dust removal device should be intact, before cutting.

9, in the direction of the workpiece into the material should not stand.

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