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Curved Pipe Is Used For Plastic Forming Of Pip
Jul 14, 2017

Pipe Bender with elbow function, but also to use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack, relative to the CNC pipe bending equipment has a cheap, easy to use characteristics, in the domestic pipe bender Market occupies a leading position in the product. Bending machine can be used in the cold state of a bending radius (single mode) or two bending radius (dual-mode) winding bending, wide use in automobiles, air-conditioning and other industries of various pipe fittings and wire bending. The pipe bender is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes.

The car uses the direct drive gear rack and the servo motor, provides the system with the high precision and the high reliability automatic localization The self calibration pressure, Pipe Bending Machine may carry on the fast setting, three station: May carry on the multiple curvature, the multiple diameter, the mixed bending and the rectangle multilateral processing.

Because the position of tubular is more complex in space, it is not easy to deduce the true shape of the tube shape by describing the tube shape with the coordinates of several points. Moreover, the data used by the Bender is not the data for sitting punctuation, but rather "incremental elbow data." Thus, Pipe Bending Machine the coordinate point data stored in the computer memory must also be computed by a series of vector operations to calculate the "incremental tubular data" needed for the elbow.

The structure of the pipe Bender is completely based on its nature, the straight pipe mechanical equipment has the same principle, the pipe Bender adopts the touch screen to add the NC module, the dialogue operation, the procedure setup is convenient and simple, the bed structure is stable and the deformation is not easy; Each file can be set to 16 corners, memory can store 16 sets of files, positioning function is slow, elbow angle is stable, repeat accuracy ± 0.1 °; Display error message on screen, help operator to eliminate immediately; provide your own research and development coordinate conversion elbow processing value, software can buy desktop computer editing calculation.

According to the diameter of the pipe selection mold, set in the plunger, the two-roll corresponding to the groove toward the mold, then into the corresponding size of the flower plate hole, Pipe Bending Machine and then cover the upper plate, pipe insertion slot, and then the high-pressure pipe end of the rapid action part of the back and assembled into the working cylinder of the joint, and the electric oil pump oil screw tightening. After the elbow is finished, loosen the oil drain screw and the plunger is automatically reset.

The bending of the tube is the same as that of the sheet. In the case of pure bending, the outer diameter d and wall thickness T tubes are curved by the action of the external moment m, the stress of the outer wall of the neutral layer is σ1 by the tensile stress, the inner layer is thinner, the wall stress σ1 and the wall thickness is thickened. In addition, due to the effect of F1 and F2 the shape of the cross-section from the circle to the approximate ellipse, when the deformation is too large, the outer tube wall will rupture, the inner wall will appear wrinkles.

To adjust the scissors gap of the bending machine according to the thickness of the shearing plate. Pipe Bending Machine It is not allowed to cut 2 kinds of sheets with different specifications and materials at the same time; The shearing sheet requires the surface to be flat and is not allowed to cut the narrower sheet material that cannot be compacted.

The operator of the pipe Bender should keep at least 200mm away from the scissors mouth and leave the clamping device. The protective fence placed on the trigger does not block the operator's eyes and does not see the cut. The waste produced after the operation angular, the author should be removed in time to prevent stab wounds and cut.

The clearance between the blades shall be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet, but not greater than 1/30 of the plate. The knife plate should be fastened securely, on the upper and lower side of the board to maintain parallel, after the application of the manual test, in order to avoid accidents.

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