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CNC Pipe Bender Function More Powerful
Oct 17, 2017

CNC Pipe Bender is mainly used in power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships and other aspects of the pipeline laying and building, CNC pipe Bender simple operation, easy to move, installation fast, in the country The market of the pipe Bender occupies the leading position and is widely used.

The CNC pipe Bender is a kind of bending device which uses the simplest general-purpose mould to make all kinds of straight line bending of sheet metal. CNC Pipe Bending Machine Sheet metal Folding machine operation is simple, chess its cost is low, more For convenience, the machine itself is only up and down reciprocating linear movement.

CNC Pipe Bender is the use of hydraulic power to connect the movement. The hydraulic system can exert full pressure on the sheet material during the whole trip, CNC Pipe Bending Machine and can automatically protect the cross section, and realize automatic control easily. Up to 3 through the liquid into several segments The pressure pad is connected with the slider 4. When bending sheet material, the oil in the hydraulic cushion can extrude part under the action of Le Force, the upper die phase, and the sliding block is made a small amount of retraction motion. CNC Pipe Bending Machine When the slider returns, the hydraulic system to the hydraulic male The oil-filled mold is relative to the X-bit of the slider, so the bending angle of the workpiece is not dependent on the bottom dead position of the Xiao block. Therefore, it is not necessary to accurately control the stroke of the clear block. At the same time. The hydraulic AA can guarantee along the worktable The whole length of the workpiece is uniformly pressurized, so that it is not affected by the sliding block and L as the table burning degree.

CNC Pipe Bending machine set up a multi-functional tube forming mold, CNC Pipe Bending Machine through the installation of the pipe forming mold, can be achieved in the bending pipe processing, but also can be used for stamping molding, but also To the pipe fittings to cut the material; the CNC pipe Bender can also be adjusted by adjusting the horizontal position of the movable box and the rotation angle of the head box, CNC Pipe Bending Machine which can realize the shift of the station by controlling the elbow The rotation direction to realize the left and right curved conjoined processing; the anti-wrinkle plate of the CNC pipe Bender is also provided with a lubrication system, which can prolong the service life of the wrinkle-proof board through the lubrication system. Number of the present invention The control pipe bender structure is more reasonable and practical, the function is more powerful, CNC Pipe Bending Machine also enhances the material utilization ratio.

All axes of CNC pipe Bender are controlled by servo motor, and the motor servo system using industrial Ethernet technology has promoted the innovation of bending pipe production equipment, and allowed many work stations to be processed simultaneously.

Reduced material consumption and equipment footprint.

Main use of CNC pipe bender 

CNC Pipe Bender is mainly used in the bending of precision tubing, which can improve the precision of pipe bending, usually used in aircraft, spacecraft, such as small quantities, varieties, CNC Pipe Bending Machine high precision of the tube bending system, It can easily realize the functions of digital pipe information import, digital bending processing and digital measurement. CNC Pipe Bender is also suitable for the high precision of the automotive manufacturing field of pipe bending, can is highly consistent.

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