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CNC Bending Machine Is Widely Used
Aug 08, 2017

CNC bending machine is mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship and other aspects of pipeline laying and construction, CNC pipe bending machine is simple, easy to move, fast installation, in the country Within the pipe market dominate the market position, the use of a wide range CNC pipe bending machine and the characteristics of the way With the development of science and technology, CNC plasma cutting technology more and more mature, CNC Pipe Bending Machine cutting thickness has more than 100mm. CNC bending machine and high pressure water jet cutting machine Comparison: high-pressure water jet cutting machine precision and cutting materials are better than the type of CNC bending machine, but the NC pipe bending machine in the cutting speed and cutting thickness are greater than the water cutting machine, CNC Pipe Bending Machine and equipment costs And cutting costs are relatively low. 

CNC wire cutting, also known as EDM. Is the use of metal wire as a negative electrode, conductive or semi-conductive materials, the workpiece depends on the role of EDM, the workpiece Constantly being eroded. The wire is constantly moving (the next), the workpiece in the CNC system driven, CNC Pipe Bending Machine the relative speed of the wire is very slow, but its processing accuracy and high finish, are finishing category. Widely used in abrasive and other parts of the processing. (D) CNC bending machine and other cutting machine comparison CNC bending machine and other cutting machine comparison Other 1. CNC bending machine and plasma cutting comparison : Flame cutting temperature than plasma cutting temperature is low, a direct result of its cutting rate less than plasma, and can not cut stainless steel and many non-ferrous metals. The advantage is that it can Cutting large thickness of the plate (China has mastered the cutting 2000mm thickness of the flame cutting technology), CNC Pipe Bending Machine cutting equipment and cutting costs are relatively low, pollution is smaller than the plasma cutting machine.

CNC pipe bending machine is mainly for low-carbon steel, and plasma cutting is the main cutting stainless steel, galvanized sheet, manganese and so on. Two kinds of cutting methods on the speed, CNC Pipe Bending Machine the plasma speed is faster, accuracy High, but plasma cutting has a certain groove, the size of the groove and the power of the plasma power. CNC plasma cutting machine is the combination of CNC cutting machine and plasma power supply, etc.

Ion power can also be called plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting is mainly used for cutting non-ferrous metals, CNC Pipe Bending Machine plasma cutting is generally suitable for cutting about 10mm plate, thermal deformation relative to the NC CNC elbow Small machine, fast, neat, high perforation efficiency, long-term use of low cost, energy conservation.

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