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CNC Bending Machine Has Excellent Characteristics
Jun 06, 2017

Structural Characteristics of NC Tube Bending Machine

1. CNC bending machine with all welded steel structure, CNC Pipe Bending Machine with sufficient strength and rigidity.

2. Hydraulic on the drive, the machine at both ends of the cylinder placed in the slider, CNC Pipe Bending Machine direct drive sliding work.

3. The slider sync mechanism uses the torsion axis forcing synchronization.

4. The use of mechanical block structure, stable and reliable.

5. slider travel maneuver fast tune, manual fine-tuning, counter display.

6. Wedge-type deflection compensation mechanism to ensure a higher bending accuracy.

These structural features of the NC Bending Machine determine that it has excellent characteristics.

CNC bending machine system with manual and automatic mode of operation, CNC Pipe Bending Machine automatic mode can be divided into steps to follow the bending and the origin of bending through, easy to process a variety of elbow. For pipe with different bending radius, the use of upper and lower mold switching to achieve the elbow processing. For the special processing requirements of the elbow, designed linkage, decomposition and the corresponding auxiliary action, to avoid mechanical interference, the actual process of the elbow automation. Commonly used automatic pipe bending machine is often used for carbon steel pipe, for the alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe bending, due to the different characteristics of the material, the lack of appropriate related technology, CNC Pipe Bending Machine often can not get the ideal bending section deformation rate and elbow angle. In the larger torque (power) of the pipe bending machine, due to the existence of the design of the blind area, likely to cause static, instability and resonance problems. At the same time control circuit design also lacks the corresponding design experience. Large torque (power) of high-quality DC motor in the country is also very difficult to find suppliers. The electric pipe bending machine is mainly used for bending of pipes below 5.08 cm (2 inches), and the radius of the pipe is generally less than 25.4 cm (10 inches). For the larger bend radius, generally can not find the relative adaptation of the machine and mold.

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