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Bending Machine Is Widely Used In Industrial And Other Fields
Jul 04, 2017

Bending machine equipment is the era of emerging products, and people's daily life and industrial production has a close relationship, the technology gradually mature, significantly expand the scope of influence. Has become an important part of high-tech industry, widely used in life, industry, agriculture, Pipe Bending Machine machinery and other fields.

From the daily life of the common areas of introduction, bending machine equipment play a more and more important role. The number is unthinkable, the increase in demand for pipe bending machine in front of the data is undeniable.

In the face of the rapidly increasing demand, the traditional technology of bending equipment is far from being able to meet. Bending machine equipment should come from time to time, improve the use of equipment to automatically complete the work required to complete the work, not only greatly reduced operating procedures, Pipe Bending Machine reduced labor dependence, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the pipe bending machine, The

Use of pipe bending machine

(1) Refer to the instruction manual for electric oil pump.

(2) Screw the working cylinder (8) into the internal thread of the square block (6) so that the rear end of the cylinder is mounted on the bracket.

(3) According to the outer diameter of the bent pipe, the die (4) is set on the plunger (7), the corresponding groove of the two rollers is directed to the die, and then the corresponding size of the flower plate (3) (12) at the end of the high-pressure tubing (12), and the movable part of the quick-connect part (13) at the end of the high-pressure oil pipe (12) is pulled back into the working cylinder (8) Connector, the electric oil pump (10) on the oil screw (11) tighten, you can bend. The elbow is finished and the oil drain screw is released and the plunger (7) is automatically reset.


(1) Refer to the instruction manual for electric oil pump.

(2) Do not remove the quick connector when there is a load.

(3) The machine is oil for the medium, Pipe Bending Machine you must do a good job of oil and the cleaning and maintenance work, so as not to block or oil, affecting the use of results.

Bending machine construction

(1) wheel mold (BENDING DIE)

Installation: a, remove the wheelscrew nut (FIG-7 (1) counterclockwise. B) Insert the wheel die and lock the wheel die nut.

(2) clamping mold (CLAMP DIE)

Installation: a, pull out the clamp fixed fixed centering shaft (FIG-7 (2) .b, put the clamping mold, and then insert the fixed spindle can be.

(Fig-7 (3)), then press the clamp button (FIG-7 (3)) to the end of the die path. (In this case, There is a clearance between the mold clamping molds, which can be adjusted by adjusting the screw (FIG-7 (4)).

B, adjust the clamping seat adjustment screw (FIG-7 (4) so that the mold and the wheel mold completely close.

C, press the eject button (FIG-4 (6) to retract the clamp, Pipe Bending Machine and then rotate the clamp adjustment screw (FIG-7 (4)) clockwise about 1 / 2-1 / 4 turns.

D, then the clamping seat nut (FIG-7 (3) can be locked.

(3) Guide (PRESSURE DIE)

Installation: a, remove the leadscrew (FIG-7 (8), then insert the guide.

B, the mold screw can be locked.

(FIG. 7 (5)), then place the control panel in manual mode and press the pin button (FIG-4 (3)) to the end of the guide path There must be a gap between the wheel mold and the guide mold, Pipe Bending Machine which can be adjusted with the guide adjustment screw (FIG-7 (6)).

B, adjust the guide adjustment screw (FIG-7 (6) so that the guide and the wheel mold completely close.

C, press or release the button (FIG-4 (6), then turn the guide adjustment screw (FIG-7 (6) clockwise by about 1 / 2-1 / 4 turns.

D, then the guide block fixing screw (FIG-7 (6) can be locked.

(4) mandrel

Installation: a, put the mandrel in the clockwise direction into the threading bar.

B, then the mandrel fixing screw (FIG-7 (8) can be fixed.

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