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Bending Angle Accuracy Of Bending Machine
Sep 20, 2017

A bending machine is a mechanical part similar to a large disk, which is applied to the bending and processing of the material. There are a lot of support pins on the disk, these mechanical pins are used for fixing the steel bar, and the steel material with strong enough strength is used, which can play a good stabilizing role in the process of use.

Unique material design for bending machine performance has laid a good foundation, bending machine has a lot of advantages, in the design of various parts of the machine reorganization, Section Bending Machine not only to optimize the internal structure of the bending machine, while reducing the space occupied by the machine, for the use of a solid foundation. The advantage of bending machine is also very good in the processing performance of the machine, including in the process of processing will not be affected, at the same time the noise emitted by the machine is very small, the processing environment is also a good maintenance. The setting of the bending machine is especially simple, the users, especially beginners, do not need to spend much effort to learn, Section Bending Machine save the machine to use the middle of the complex learning stage.

Bending machine Market because of the unique use of the machine conditions and in place of choice so popular, this also for our future machine use and production to bring a enlightenment, that is, the design of the machine needs not only a good user from the point of view of the design.

Bending machine is suitable for bending φ6-φ40 mm steel bar, the transmission mechanism of the machine using a fully enclosed, variable lever shift, can make the working disk to get two kinds of speed, Section Bending Machine the bending angle of the steel bar by the side of the block adjustment, mechanical part through the electrical control to achieve semi-automatic.

The bending machine adopts the whole closed box, the moment distribution is reasonable, and there is no local deformation phenomenon, and the machine also adopts thickening and aggravating box to improve the strength.

Gear shaft, spindle using high-quality carbon structural steel materials, Section Bending Machine important parts by high standard heat treatment.

The spindle support adopts the bearing capacity of the ball bearings, sports lightweight, long service life, components in the high load conditions can also be reliable long-term use.

Brake motor, adjustable square steel, pin-type positioning disc, Section Bending Machine the disc can be automatically back, angle adjustment convenient, bending angle accurate.

Bending by manual, foot two ways, free to switch

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