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Basic Characteristics Of CNC Pipe Bender
Aug 30, 2017

Main structure of CNC pipe Bender

CNC Pipe Bender series of standard models have a layer of mold and multi-layer mold two categories: one-layer model has a total of 7-axis servo motor control. are: The tube y-axis, corner B-axis, bending tube C-axis, clamping U-axis, guide-mode U1 shaft, guide-mode auxiliary push V1 shaft, mandrel V-axis. A total of 9-11-axis servo motor is controlled by the multilayer model. are: feeding y-axis, the transfer of the B-axis, bending C-axis, the head of the horizontal displacement x-axis, the head and up and down displacement of the z-axis, clamping U-axis, guide-die U1 shaft, CNC Pipe Bending Machine auxiliary push V1 shaft, mandrel V-axis. The 10th axis and the 11th axis can be amplified, and the Z1 shaft and the tube clamp g-axis of the guide die.

Basic characteristics of numerical control pipe bender

All the axes of the machine are servo motor control, the use of industrial Ethernet technology of the motor servo system to promote the production of pipe bending equipment innovation, CNC Pipe Bending Machine allowing many work at the same time bending process, reducing the material consumption and equipment footprint. Zhangjiagang Jinyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company developed new products electric-type CNC pipe Bender used this technology, the use of building block-type multi-position processing technology, CNC Pipe Bending Machine to achieve the bending process of automatic feeding, automatic positioning and automatic clamping. The product of CNC pipe Bender adopts the real-time motion control system of Ethernet network protocol, CNC Pipe Bending Machine which makes the process of the pipe bending, real-time control, precision management, and the establishment of digitized production possible.

Main use of CNC pipe bender

CNC Pipe Bender is mainly used in precision catheter bending system, can make the accuracy of the tube bending system, usually used in aircraft, spacecraft, such as small quantities, varieties, CNC Pipe Bending Machine high precision of the tube bending system, can easily realize the digital pipe information import, digital bending processing, digital measurement and other functions. CNC Pipe Bender is also suitable for the high precision of the automotive manufacturing field pipe bending system, CNC Pipe Bending Machine can be very high consistency.

The bending of CNC pipe Bender and its characteristics with the development of science and technology, CNC plasma cutting technology More and more mature, cutting thickness has exceeded 100mm. CNC pipe Bender and high-pressure water jet cutting machine comparison: High pressure water jet cutting machine precision and cutting materials are better than CNC pipe bender, but CNC pipe bender in cutting speed and cutting thickness is greater than the water cutting machine, and equipment costs and cutting costs are relatively low. CNC wire cutting, also known as EDM. CNC Pipe Bending Machine Is the use of metal wire as a negative electrode, conductive or semi conductive material on the workpiece by EDM discharge, so that the workpiece is constantly electrical corrosion. Wire continuous ground (under) movement, CNC Pipe Bending Machine the workpiece in the CNC system driven, the relative wire speed is very slow, but its processing precision and smoothness is very high, belongs to the category of finishing. Widely used in abrasive and other parts processing. (iv) CNC pipe Bender and other cutting machine comparison CNC pipe Bender and other cutting machine comparison 1. Numerical control pipe Bender and plasma cutting comparison: flame cutting temperature than plasma cutting, the direct result of the cutting rate is not as low as plasmas, and can not cut stainless steel and a lot of non-ferrous metals. Its advantage is that can cut large thickness plate (China has mastered the cutting of 2000mm thickness of flame cutting technology), CNC Pipe Bending Machine cutting equipment and cutting costs relatively low, pollution and other plasma cutting machine small. CNC Pipe Bender is mainly aimed at low carbon steel, and plasma cutting is the main cutting stainless steel, galvanized plate, manganese and so on. Two kinds of cutting methods on the speed, plasma speed is relatively fast, high precision, but such as plasma cutting has a certain groove, groove size and the power of plasma power. CNC Plasma cutting Machine is a numerical control cutting machine and the use of a combination of power, plasma power can also be known as ion cutting machine, CNC Pipe Bending Machine such as plasma cutting is mainly used for cutting non-ferrous metals, such as ion cutting is generally suitable for cutting 10mm around the plate, thermal deformation relative to the NC CNC pipe Bender Small, fast, neat, High perforation efficiency, low cost of long-term use, energy saving.

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