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Safe operating procedures for NC pipe bending equipment
Mar 04, 2017

1, before the use of pipe bending machine, should check and confirm the motor, cable are normal, good grounding protection, protective device safe and effective, saw blade selection to meet the requirements, the installation is correct.

2, after the start, should be no-load operation, check and confirm the direction of operation of the saw blade is correct, flexible lifting mechanism, no abnormal operation, abnormal sound, all normal, before operation

3, the operator should press the workpiece on both hands, even feeding, in the promotion of cutting machine, not too much force. Do not use gloves during operation.

4, cutting the thickness of the machine should be specified by the factory nameplate, shall not be thick cutting.

5, processing parts sent to the blade at a distance of 300mm or cutting small pieces of material, should use a special tool feeding, not directly by hand push material.

6, bending machine operations, when the workpiece impact, beating and abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting, before continuing operations.

7, is strictly prohibited in the operation of inspection, maintenance of various components. Saw on the table and the components of the saws in the debris should be used in a timely manner to remove the special tools, not pick or wipe by hand.

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