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Bending machine in the operation need to pay attention to what the problem
Mar 04, 2017

Bending machine is mainly data pipe bending machine and hydraulic pipe bending machine two, which can be used in highway construction, bridges, decoration and other aspects of pipeline construction, which has a lot of features, in addition to the elbow, the cylinder can also Used as a hydraulic jack.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine and CNC bending machine compared to its price is cheaper, more convenient to operate, so the main market or hydraulic pipe bending machine. The pipe bending machine structure is stable, will not produce deformation, its operation is simple, easy to set. Bending machine stalls can set a variety of elbow angle, the elbow capacity and stability, when the operation of the error, the screen will immediately display, the user will be more convenient to check some.

Bending machine in the operation of the time to pay attention to a lot of problems in the design and the tube when the arc is not too much, not more than 180 °. If the arc is too large, the tooling will be very troublesome. If the curve, corner design is very unreasonable, it will hinder its automated production, so the operator will need to pay more manual labor. Automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine in use, to ensure that the machine ground, the use of the power supply voltage is specified, can not access more than the specified voltage, when inserting and removing wires, be more careful, do not pull hard, Avoid pulling off the weld.

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