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Application of Bending Machine to Accuracy of Bending Pipe
Mar 04, 2017

The application of bending pipe in various industries, and the requirements of bending pipe different precision, the following pipe bending machine manufacturers say, in the sports equipment, how to bend pipe pipe, because the more stringent requirements, in the elbow accuracy Made some cases and technical analysis to share with you.

In the curved pipe bending pipe, the circular tube shape shape accuracy depends on the processing wheel and the reverse wheel on the shape of the ring groove shape accuracy and bending machine assembly accuracy. As long as to ensure that the assembly of the elbow on the two annular groove to form the location accuracy, and according to the principle of material elastic-plastic deformation to leave a certain size margin, you can get a relatively high circular tube section shape accuracy.

Pipe metal wall roughness requirements Description: The outer surface of the metal pipe roughness on the wheel ring groove surface roughness, but also with the nature of the pipe material itself. To this end, as long as the ring groove on the surface of the appropriate application of lubricating oil to reduce the friction between the surface contact with each other, can ensure that the bending metal pipe wall roughness.

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